Thursday, 5 April 2012

For the applicant

Edited transcript of remarks at a meeting

This is a cross-sectoral tool.  We’re just about to
roll it out across the sector, so that’s approximately
56% of people.  We’re finding most of them are in
that level 3 range, approximately, so we’re aiming
to engage that and grow it.  We’ve also been active
in delivering papers at a range of conferences and
we’ve also been active in a range of divisions.

I might say that Rowena’s also presented a report
which outlines a range of activities.  Perhaps.

Perhaps I could take a moment to outline our strategy
in greater detail.  Rowena’s been active in providing
a range of activities that illustrate what we’re about
and where we’re getting that all-important support
to continue with the range of what, what we do.  I think
Rowena has made a very interesting point, actually,
when our UTEP visitor outlined 12 critical areas
of support.  Supporting in a way that pushes
that support forward onto the people we work with.

That support is developmental and collaborative,
in other words.  We need to be proactive, we need
to make these things systemic and forward-looking,
so that we can better guide applicants into the right
pathways through the range of our offerings, noting
that a range of other providers in this sector now
are pushing to cost shift onto the people we’re trying
to support, and also there are obviously a range of
cost pressures on us too.

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