Thursday, 5 April 2012

Night fruit

Night is almost done now, though dark
perseveres.  Young tomatoes
catch a ray of streetlight, wrapping
their skins in it – for mystery, not for warmth.

Grapefruit loom, monsters of the night-bowl,
awaiting their date with brekky destiny.
(Coffee is on now.  It won’t be long
before plungers and hungers assume command.)

And you, my love: you sleep on.
It’s been six weeks since you took a break
and the work in your heart is almost gone.

A wonderer be!  Graze on those salads
of nightly roaming!  Dress your shoulder
with patchwork rest!  Dream deep and long!

Dawn is pale and rosy-fingered
in Melbourne, as in any Greek town.

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