Thursday, 5 April 2012

Something in the air

Words for a departing knowledge leader

Something in the air is a story about the telling of stories,
if you’re ever down the road I’m gone or wondering
where the finesses of yesteryear might have got to.  They
are far away, my friends.  They’re far away and over the hills
and topknots off to them for all aye that eyes them.  You

have responsibilities, as you know.  Responsibilities
to all the topknots and topwon’ts and topshouldn’ts
of yesteryear.  These could be the finesses in your matrix
of responsibilities, so it’s rather like a policy approach —
only better at capturing, pathwaying, opportunitying.

If you’re ever down the road I’m gone or wondering
what happened to the responsibilities of yesteryear,
do not fear the knots in your tops; do not fear the hills
of a long way off; rather, hear the air telling something
about telling; hear its matrix; hear its might.  Yesteryear,

when we rang the major changes, there was a climate
of fear, an unfortunate climate.  Much of that has changed
since we initiated the matrix.  My accuser was a piper’s son
who learned to play when he was young.  The fearful now are
far away – my friends, but far away – in their airs and their


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